"The Wet Stuff"

WOKE UP THIS morning to find a police cruiser and a news van parked at the end of the block. Even by big city standards of expected activity, that sort of thing raises the hair at the back of the neck. Considering I’m so close to the foothills, I first thought, “Well, it’s gotta be the rain.” All those weather people gushing on and on about “the wet stuff.” Later, received a phone call from the PD that relayed information that there had been an abduction one street away from me. Jeesh. I lived in E.P. for more than a decade and, well, nothing quite like that for whatever its worth.
Block’s quiet now. It’s rained and thundered and lightning was featured against the sky for most of the day — a big silver scribble. The foothills are in trouble above. That gives us all pause, sadly, though, we need this rain. And more. As night falls — calm. Sliver of moon discernible in the sky.


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