Mr. Malclom McLaren, 64

THIS ONE I didn’t believe when read. He was, for those of us tumbling around in the 70s/80s, the definition of the word impresario. M.M. didn’t have just the 8 or 16 pack. He had 64 colors and he drew with all of them, often at the same time. There were few artists building bridges between art and art rock to punk to street culture then to hip hop and categories beyond a one-sentence definition. Sleight-of-hand, 3-ring stuff for sure, but it was always big, bright and in your face in the most arresting way. RIP Mr. Malcolm McLaren…

oh, and this, this too …

Quotable quote: “I’m much more of a magician than a musician,” he told The Globe and Mail of Toronto in 1985. “I steal other people’s songs and try to make them better.”


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