Coaching from the Great Beyond

THE NEW Tiger Woods Nike ad has set off another blaze. It has an eerie quality, even before you figure out that it is his decesed dad, Earl, speaking from beyond…

Updated: And the always wonderful Robert Lloyd weighs-in on the L.A. Times’ “Show Tracker” blog:

Although smartly conceived and perfectly executed — I have a certain chilly admiration for the ad-brains who created it over who knows how many meetings, e-mails and nights at the drawing board — it is an odd, disquieting piece. That it’s been shot in black and white, with a hand-held camera, is meant to connote seriousness, authenticity, facing facts in the cold light of day. But it’s all a conceit, carefully calibrated and thoroughly arranged: The day itself did not appear in black and white; the light flashes near the end, which stylistically recall the shoestring aesthetics of the “true to life” French New Wave, are no accident.


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