Still Dreaming from Bunker Hill

THESE JUST turned up the other day from a friend who is keenly tuned-in to my city obsessions. At the time they showed up on the web a year or so ago, they were never-before-widely-seen color images of the old Bunker Hill neighborhood in its waning days. The photographer’s name is George Mann — a former vaudeville star turned entrepreneur — and they are part of a set of 3-D images that were used in viewers of Mann’s design that were leased to different Los Angeles businesses. Their purpose: to “distract anxious patients and hungry tourists,” according to the blog “On Bunker Hill,” a “memorial website” paying homage to yet another vanished L.A. neighborhood, these places around the city that only live-on in books, family stories and, if we’re lucky, attic-dwelling photo albums.

The tribute continues although the blog is no longer being updated:

. . . . “people continue to discover the site and contribute their own insights and memories through the comment section. But occasionally, someone comes along who has something more to offer than a comment or a link, and so we bring the On Bunker Hill blog back to life for a brief moment, so this someone can take their rightful place among the ghosts”.

Anyone who has had a regular routine in and around downtown Los Angeles won’t be able to resist trying to visualize what is (or isn’t) on these corners now. Another time, yes; another place, completely.


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