Mitrice Richardson, 25

TRAGIC NEWS this morning. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department announced that the skeletal remains that were found earlier this week in a deep ravine in Malibu were indeed those of missing 25-year-old Mitrice Richardson.

She was arrested last September for being unable to pay an $89 dinner tab at Geoffrey’s, an upscale restuarant in Malibu. She was released early morning, while it was still dark and without a car, cellphone or purse.

Why? Why? and Why?

While the Office of Independent Review, which oversees the Sheriff’s department, found that they’d acted “properly and legally” in releasing Richardson, according to a 58-page draft report, however already two lawsuits have been filed accusing the department of negligence. Beyond that, at a press conference today, Richardson’s father Michael promised further action. “This book is not closed. More chapters need to be written. We are going to hold people accountable.… I will continue to fight for her.”

“A lot of people wronged my daughter that night.”

photo: Mitrice Richardson
credit: (personal photo via CBS news)


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