Ghost Towns

I’VE SAID it before, I’ll say it again. So much of L.A. is remade so quickly that we have to stop a beat — or two — to think about what *was* there once. This came to my attention last night on a blog called fuckyeahghosttowns. Now I’m thinking, I’ve got to do an L.A. contribution. People move from one “campground” to the next fast-fast ’round here…lose interest, move to higher/lower ground…

Speaking of which, I’m still trying to find my photograph of a brick wall in Old Town that had this cryptic missive left of some professional lettering . . . said T.E. Lawrence picking up his fork ….” left along the side of the old Hotel Carver (the Crown City’s first black-owned hotel) named after George Washington Carver.



2 thoughts on “Ghost Towns

  1. though it happens a lot in the golden state, i find everywhere i go evidence of “lost downtonws” and shadow cities. i take pictures of the faded signs of life from days gone by but if i had the time the real gold is to be found in urban exploring.

    • boy isn’t that true? i miss the old belmont tunnel skate-pit near downtown — all bombed out with graffiti like generational skateboy hieroglyphs — i’ve been told that they’ve saved a wall – or two. it’s now, downtown adjacent condos. sigh.

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