Last Chance

WANDERING AROUND yesterday, I remembered that this is the time of year to check out the Dia de los Muertos altars at The Folk Tree in South Pasadena. They are only up until this Saturday. Stowed away in the back room you’ll find vibrant, living tributes to the departed. Don’t forget to feed your meter, So. Pas’ finest do indeed ticket, yes they do.


2 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. in berkeley the place to go used to be tale of the yak on ashby. of course, they ceased to be a a reliable source of ethnic arts from mexico and asia long before i left the golden state, but there isn’t anything like either the folk tree or tale of the yak on the right coast.

  2. oh that’s too bad.
    i never went to the tale of the yak, but i did a more than a few little boxes with the logo sticker on them from someone i know who frequented that place . . . so i feel, through you, I’ve been there.
    True what you say about vanishing spots like this. There are a few more left here, but so many of our shopping strips are filled with chains now, one doesn’t have that “oh, i happened upon . . . .” moment. too sad.

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