Stave 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present

I LIKE my “A Christmas Carol” pretty straight up. But the musical, Scrooge, from the 1970s with Ebenezer portrayed brilliantly by Albert Finney, makes me *really* happy for some reason that I choose not to think about deeply. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the film at Mr. Fezziwig’s Ball (which is really from The Ghost of Christmas Past, but well, I like the Ghost of Christmas Present and his shiny head wreath a lot . . . a lot):

Sadly, though I’ve had great bosses, I didn’t ever have a boss like Mr. Fezziwig.

And a couple of staves later when Scrooge is walking with the deeply scary Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. In many ways, this song is the film’s centerpiece, which really adds to to the complexity of the musical and its message. Even as a child, I got that!


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