Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry

From the Ipcress File. I love how this opening sequence gives the audience such a deep sense of place and person without anything but visual details . . . and oh yes, the music . . . .

RIP, John Barry . . . .


Reprise: Jazz Bakery Back to Culver City

LOS ANGELES TIMES reporting this morning that the Jazz Bakery is re-opening sometime in 2012. Ruth Price, the venue’s long-time owner, impresario announced that the club, which moved from it’s Helms Building space back in 2009, has found new, formal digs in a space adjacent to the Kirk Douglas Theater in downtown Culver City. The club had been operating as a sort of satellite in the last few years — a series of shows that Price had labeled “A Musical Feast.” I’m thrilled she’s putting down roots. The Bakery had been one of L.A.’s few places to go to hear top-shelf live jazz. I’ve seen some of the best shows of my life there, in that simple room that for a long time was simply a stage and rows of plastic patio chairs. No matter: I was transported beyond those chairs, walls and roof: Charles Lloyd, Jimmy Scott, Brad Mehldau, James Carter, Charlie Hunter … that’s just the short list.

So glad she’ll be back bringing the real deal around from time to time.

Congratulations, Ruth!

photo via L.A. Times

Here’s the full post from today’s L.A. Times.

“Sincerely, Later”: Kerouac Pitching Brando

WHAT A FIND. This letter from Jack Kerouac pitching On the Road to Marlon Brando was up earlier this week on BoingBoing . It’s taken more than half a century to finally bring this book to the screen, Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) is directing. A mind bend to see Kerouac in this mode. Far from the two-sentence elevator pitch. He’s wooing Brando to play Dean Moriarty …. with Kerouac, playing essentially himself, as Sal Paradise. Interesting….I don’t know if my head can quite go there.

More about the movie here at The Beat Museum.