Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry

From the Ipcress File. I love how this opening sequence gives the audience such a deep sense of place and person without anything but visual details . . . and oh yes, the music . . . .

RIP, John Barry . . . .


2 thoughts on “Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry

  1. Ipcress, I believe.

    And I would stake that between John Barry (the Bond movies among others) and Laurie Johnson (theme for The Avengers) they pretty much summed up musically what the hip 60s sounded like in Britain.

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right. Something looked wrong with the video and I now see they took it down entirely…
      Anyway. Yes, you’re right about mood and all of that. I had hoped to used that sequence in my class on Thursday. It does EVERYTHING that I want their writing to do. Show not tell. Lead the viewer to the conclusion not make the conclusion for him/her. The music gives another clue that the visuals carry forward. It’s beautiful. Now I’ve posted something different: The stills don’t do the same thing . . . but the music sure does.
      And so does Michael Caine.

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