Treme: Season Two Teaser




I’M STILL stuck on the bones of these buildings. Here are a few more in black and white. I should be back to more frequent posting in a few days. Until then here are these artifacts from not so long ago really…

When Your Memory Lane Is a Ghost Town . . .

THIS OLD strip in southwest L.A. used to have a hobby shop and stationery store; a book store and so much else. Now it is a ghost town. The erstwhile Santa Barbara Plaza is a crumble of debris, pockmarked by potholes and cracked-open sidewalks. Men and women push carts around the circumference of the big parking lot picking up plastic bottles and glass; young mothers push baby strollers around big puddles as if they were ponds.

Mom and Pop business lined up shoulder to shoulder.

This little stretch was supposed to be symbolic of hope and opportunity for a rising class of folks ….

now this . . . .

On the eve of election week, here’s hoping we can think about some useful and sensitive urban renewal.