THE SIGN amused me. Something in there about not giving interviews “short or long” to “the press.” I wondered how long they’d keep me . . . . As a journalist, jury duty, on criminal cases, always eludes me. I don’t think the defense attorney liked my questions regarding clarification. Oh, well. It’s the reporter in me.


2 thoughts on “Served

  1. i sat on a jury once, not to determine guilt but on the application of a new law, whether or not to allow release for a repeat criminal sex offenders. the law basically held that despite minimum or maximum sentencing, if a criminal was determined by a jury to still pose a threat at the time of a scheduled release they could have their sentence changed to life without parole.

    defendant was 72. he’d been in and out of jail since he was 13. every time he was released he committed another violent act within a month at liberty. it took us five minutes to deny his release, but we didn’t want the lawyers and the judge to think we’d decided in haste so we asked to go to lunch first.

    that said, something about the law in general didn’t sit right with me.

  2. the last couple of cases i’ve been on (civil) i was really struck by how little people actually listen (one man fell asleep more than once during testimony)…you have to wonder what that person sitting behind the defendant table must feel…

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