Los Angeles: Up Close, Personal

I’M HAPPY to say that my piece in Boom about Kevin McCollister the eye and imagination behind, East of West L.A.,has finally hit the news stands.

McCollister was generous enough to let me shadow him a couple of weekends and watch him work. His blog, which evolved into a book, “East of West L.A. — caught my attention a while ago. I was captivated by his eye, the way in which he was able to evoke a Los Angeles free of cliche and bold-faced name. An L.A. born and bred Angelenos recognize and navigate through 95% of the time. Gorgeous work that’s intensley felt and sensitively expressed. I remember telling him before I met him, when I was trying to convince him to do the story that I didn’t understand how he was able to capture an L.A. that felt so personal — and what I meant was, he was expressing L.A. as I saw it, felt it. I’d link to the piece, but it’s not online. There is talk about posting a photo gallery, when that goes live, I’ll link to it.

(photo by Kevin McCollister, via East of West L.A.”)


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