Eye of the Beholder

I TOOK a long walk on the waterfront in SF and saw these little gems along they way:

An old diner after a fire:

This one, below, perplexed my friend: “What do you see in that?” The lines, the shapes, the textures….I’ve long been this way. I tend not to take “regular” vacation shots, consequently people always ask me: “But what did you see?”


And this … well, not much to say … it speaks for itself, I’d say …


6 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. then stacks of wood remind me of a margaret bourke-white industrial from LIFE magazine. surely people also asked her “what do you see in that?” which, ultimately, is what the photographer does: shows people what (and how) to see what is there.

    • hey, thanks a lot, d. it was pretty funny at one moment because she truly didn’t understand what the heck i was looking at and why i was standing there so long — just looking. i guess in a way it is like translation, or reading metaphors in language — we all see/bring something in/to it.

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