Overheard at First and Main

Toward the end of the operation, a large group of [Occupy LA] protesters that had locked arms in the middle of the south lawn chanted to police making arrests: “You’re sexy. You’re cute. Take off your riot suit.”


Professor Wallace’s Syllabi

NICE PIECE by Katie Rophie up at Slate about David Foster Wallace’s syllabuses with several links to the actual documents. What she likes/underscores is Wallace’s conversational candor and the way he “takes apart” the “unspoken, conventional agreements usually made between professors and their students.”

Writes Rophie:

One of the reasons I find his syllabuses so fascinating is that they are not polished pieces of writing. They are relatively devoid of his stylistic rococo, and while obviously not devoid of his astonishing level of self-consciousness, do provide some slight glimpse into the person, without the baffling ingenious mediation of his art.
Wallace refuses the habitual patterns and usual fictions that govern a classroom. His syllabus warns:

“If you are used to whipping off papers the night before they’re due, running them quickly through the computer’s Spellchecker, handing them in full of high-school errors and sentences that make no sense and having the professor accept them ‘because the ideas are good’ or something, please be informed that I draw no distinction between the quality of one’s ideas and the quality of those ideas’ verbal expression, and I will not accept sloppy, rough-draftish, or semiliterate college writing. Again I am absolutely not kidding.

Still Occupied

THIS WAS the scene last night at Occupy L.A. camp. As of this morning, protesters remain and LAPD are still in open communication.

Below is from L.A. Observed:

Police said the arrests were of protesters who refused to get out of the street opposite City Hall or who threw things at officers. Otherwise, as the sun came up, Occupy LA protesters were cheering the LAPD and talking on the live stream about getting breakfast together, and 1st Street was reopened to traffic. Commander Andy Smith said at a 6 am presser that the night was peaceful except for the stray exceptions. He declined to say what further plans there are to clear the City Hall park of tents. Many people have left, but those who remain were declaring victory.

photo via Occupy Los Angeles