What’s Left

I’VE BEEN struck by all manner of destruction around of late.

Trees and power poles and husks of trunks still litter the roads. You have to walk around things. But this morning, I was “detoured” by a Public Works project and passed by this.

The air is acrid the closer to the pile you get

Wonder what the story was/is here . . .


2 thoughts on “What’s Left

  1. interior walls and ceilings show wood slatting of old plaster and lathe work, which suggests two things to this fire marshall bill: built in the 20s or 30s, i’m guessing, and probably had some original electrical wiring that should have been replaced decades ago. the hot spot that’s visible – the points of greatest destruction – are up against what looks like an addition to the original house, a prime place where the clash of old and new might ignite.

    we see a lot of fires like this in new england. houses hundreds of years old, patched with decades of non-compatible upgrades. house on the corner just went for sale, original family (third generation) owned. went to check it out and nothing had been updated since the 1930s, not the wires or the walls or the plumbing. the house barely survived its recent owner; a developer purchased it and will probably dump a half mil just getting it up to code.

    the flipside to tearing down your history is neglecting you present.

  2. wow. that is some forensics report!

    when I went by again, there were a couple of men walking around the perimeter of the pile, inspecting or perhaps, just reflecting. obviously the owner or some such. just really looks like it was a horrible and sad.

    and yes, you’re right: neglecting the present….

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