Don Cornelius, 75

Don Cornelius

SOUL MUSIC in L.A. has taken a hard hit these last few weeks. Icons from the 50s, 60s (Johnny Otis, Etta James) and now Mr. Don Cornelius.

Saturday afternoons weren’t complete without this going on in the background. It was a fashion show as much as it was about the music and dancing. It was a vivid snapshot of the culture in the moment.

RIP, Don C.
Tragic end to a man who brought so much vivid joy.

video foraged by an old college alum. Thanks S.V. for the heads up.


2 thoughts on “Don Cornelius, 75

  1. so sad.

    so many reasons to watch the “train” back in the day, but used to believe the man could crush buildings with his voice. he was always so calm, measured, but so deep, i was sure if he yelled there would be seismic activity in the region.

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