Voice (12)

“As I drove down Ambrose Avenue, I watched the Spanish house my family had lived in grow smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror, like a stucco galleon drifting out to sea. The neighborhood hadn’t changed much since I barreled down the street on a pair of roller skates, vibrations from the sidewalk shooting up my skinny legs rattling my teeth. Driving past the grab bag of architectural styles was like visiting Montana, the British Isles, and the French countryside in a few seconds flat. It wouldn’t have seemed odd if the residents watered their lawns in costume. Bonjour! Howdy! Jolly Good Day! Hollywood had been an ideal setting for someone as tight-lipped about his past as my father, a place where a person could choose a favorite historical style and settle in with his fellow men to a cinematic vision of the good life.”

— Bernard Cooper
from The Bill From My Father


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