Urban Wild

GRIFFITH PARK, of late, has seen its share of rehab. Years-long piping projects, closed roads, a labyrinth of orange-cone detours and all manner of patience-testing “improvements.” Still we Angelenos find our place within it. Some corners of the park, however, look like they haven’t been touched for decades. A set-piece of their own. Others have miraculously naturally renewed following the devastating fire of May 2007 which destroyed 800 acres of land. For months the air was smeared with the scent of carbon.

Lately, we’ve been spotting more fauna wandering through boldly. A good thing.

This is a small sampling of the mix of “urban/wild” I collected this past Sunday on the side along Interstate 5.


6 thoughts on “Urban Wild

      • I asked because I see those herons in mid-Wilshire. One of them visits a little fish pond near my house. Sort of an annual or semi-annual feast. I was surprised to see them so far from the shore, but it looks like they make it over to Los Feliz.

      • Yeah, the first time I saw one, I thought it was a boy or short person strolling around. They’re pretty shy, they fly away. But they do a fine job of emptying the fish pond of any big fish.

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