Streetside Icons

THIS “GIANT” used to be all over town.

Only a few left nowadays. And I haven’t seen any of them still holding the tires that the businesses below were hawking by the tower-full. But each business that has inherited the Giant re-interprets him in a different way; note the “Sergio” on his shirt above, also the boots below:

— Mission Road, Boyle Heights


6 thoughts on “Streetside Icons

  1. it’s such a california thing, and from another era, i have a hard time explaining these guys to people. i sort of had these guys in mind when i wrote a short story based on a couple kids finding a santa suit made for one of these.

    two things i most remember these dude holding: car tires and rolls of carpet. oh, and one along the garden grove freeway who held golf clubs (and might have been painted to look like bob hope).

    • I had forgotten about the carpet giant! sigh. was he connected to Carperteria?? did he wear a genie hat? I’m not sure if I remember the golf clubs, maybe vaguely, on the way to Knotts or Japanese Village you say?

      • yup, carpeteria (which when i was young i confused with carpenteria, near santa barbara).

        as for freeways, the japanese dear park, village, and tea garden was off either the harbor or I5. if you take the 405 to the garden grove (the 22?) half way between that interchange and anaheim was the golf course.

        ah, the japanese village. where you could pay for divers to bring up cultured oysters and let you open them, hoping for pearls. and at the very least, you ate the “losing” oysters.

      • yes, i was just driving up that way and of course as I passed thru carpenteria — i heard the caperteria jingle. so that means it’s still taking up space in my brain.
        and i do remember the divers….but I don’t remember eating the oysters — probably were there in a month that didn’t have an “r” in it. The New Orleans rule for all kinds of oysters — not just Gulf one — was not one we crossed.

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