“I’ve been in his pad listening to booming loud Stan Getz jazz on his Hi-Fi . . .”

On February 16, 1940, his Dad bought him a $35.00 alto saxophone. Stan was 13. He moved on quickly to play all of the saxophones, as well as the clarinet, but he really loved the sound of the tenor saxophone. “In my neighborhood my choice was: be a bum or escape. So I became a music kid, practicing eight hours a day. I was a withdrawn, hypersensitive kid. I would practice the saxophone in the bathroom, and the tenements were so close together that someone from across the alleyway would yell, ‘Shut that kid up’, and my mother would shout back, ‘Play louder, Stanley, play louder’.

and this too:

— via stangetz.net

post-title quote, jack kerouac from “big sur”
“stan getz plays” cover photo: phil stern


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