Woody Guthrie in L.A.

SOMETHING NEW I learned this week:

By the time he arrived in California in 1937, Woody had experienced intense scorn, hatred, and even physical antagonism from resident In Los Angeles Woody landed a job on KFVD radio, singing “old-time” traditional songs as well as some original songs. Together with his singing partner Maxine Crissman, aka “Lefty Lou,” Woody began to attract widespread public attention, particularly from the thousands of relocated Okies gathered in migrant camps. Living in makeshift cardboard and tin shelters, Woody’s program provided entertainment and a nostalgic sense of the “home” life they’d left behind; despite their desperate circumstances, it was a respite from the harsh realities of migrant life.

more here via woodyguthrie.org:

‎”Music is the language of the mind that travels / carries the key to the laws of time and space / lonesome train whistling down the silent wail of wind / life is the sound, creation has been a song / whatever you do, wherever you go / don’t lose your grip on life and that means / don’t let any earthly calamity knock your dreamer and your hoping machine / out of order…”

–Woody Guthrie (Happy 100th Birthday)

(h/t to RC)


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