Another One Down

ASSOCIATED PRESS posted a piece yesterday about the King Eddy Saloon downtown; the last of the skid-row dive bars to go “hipster.”The piece is here. At Los Angeles and Fifth Streets, (The “Nickel”), the spot has been much photographed and filmed in (It was Huggy Bear’s “hang” in Starsky and Hutch”) and has a deep L.A. literary history as well as it was the bar John Fante’s Auturo Bandini frequented in Ask the Dust and the spot where Charles Bukowski had a corner table.

The bar was sold earlier this summer to Michael Leko and Will Shamlian, business parters who own the Library Bar and Spring Street nearby (and also count among their holdings: Pizzeria Urbano and Coffee Bars) . Details and some evocative interior black and white photos here.

It was bound to happen and the scales have been tipped that way for awhile now. To read the tea leaves dig the website.

Top image via Please, again, check out the rest of the images here.


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