L.A. on LP

I WAS happy to see this this morning in one of my social media feeds.

Location, location, location…

A few weeks back, a New York version was making its way around the web, but now journalist/scholar Oliver Wang has begun a tour around some of of the spots in the Southland that have been immortalized on LP covers.

Some of the jazz sides I have been looking at for years as part of my mother’s vinyl collection — and it has always been weird to happen-upon something that looks familiar-yet-different — in that it *feels* like you walked past this spot everyday — but couldn’t have …

Wang here:

I didn’t have a precise methodology about how to go about doing this. I simply started with some of my favorite L.A.-centric album covers and then queried a few music junkie friends to expand the pool. The album locations I chased down represent only the tippy top of the proverbial iceberg. We hope that readers like you will contribute other ideas to start the hunt anew.

For this initial round, I began with a master list of albums, trying to balance genre, era and rumored locales. Then I started chasing down the photographers and the artists to help fill in blanks in the back stories. Then, having mapped out a preliminary itinerary, I asked my friend and photographer Bobby Chakrabarti to join me and we hit the road. Our initial journey is documented in several columns, the first being what you’re reading here.

All in all, it fun window on the city and it’s music history. I’m looking forward to where the tour takes me…

The first installment here.


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