End of the Line (Thus Far . . . )

MY LONG rail day yesterday was for research. Riding across the city, rather than *driving* across the city, helps to clarify the intersections of all kinds — past/present, intercultural and logistical points on the map — much more distinctly.

This set of photos is from the Expo Line, shot on the platform of the Culver City station. It’s the newest leg of light rail moving east/west across the city. It now abruptly ends in this sort of nowhere pocket near National Boulevard — with empty storefronts and a vague sense of which way to go to find something culturally significant.

What’s beautiful about what they’ve done with the platform itself is tell the history of the rail system in the city. We had a network of lines carrying Angelenos across the city only to tear them out and then start again.

These beautiful pavers speak to that story — brief panels that become portals into the past.

End of the line… looking West …

More scenes along the rail in a bit…


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