Sun and Wind in Your Hair

A brief musical interlude:

I HAVE this particular cut boxed up somewhere on vinyl — but it’s on another album with a host of pairing/trios/”four brother” style-groupings of West Coast Jazz saxophone players. I feel the sun in this.

Also, I love the comment thread on this one in YouTube, it’s worth clicking over to view it. But here’s a partiuclarly interesting exchange with an anecdote about “Art Salt”:

“Many years back, Art Pepper was on an album with Shorty rogers and some other big names in west coast jazz and Art’s name was given as Art Salt. I was puzzled – who is that! Then I learned it was Pepper but he wasn’t supposed to play with that group due to some contract stuff.
woodlawn4623 2 years ago

Thanks for the cooment. I read about that somewhere, and if I recall correctly, a reviewer of the album implied that he thought “Art Salt” was black. Art was immensely pleased by that.

kocn53 in reply to woodlawn4623 2 years ago 2
I bet he was.  i seem to recall that as well.”


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