Listening to the Moon Over Alameda Street

NICE INTERVIEW last night with a local novelist — also a native Angeleno. She’s written deeply about not just what the city looks like, but what it feels like: the pin-pricks of harsh sunlight on your skin in Tijunga, the crunch and stain of juniper berries underfoot. She talked about germinating ideas, chance and “sense of engagement” — the art of “seeking the miraculous” in small moments and things. Good session and a reminder to pause and look twice.

Light is leaving earlier and earlier now. This shot was just after seven — a week ago the sky still would have held some sun.


4 thoughts on “Listening to the Moon Over Alameda Street

    • Yes, your’e right. I have long loved this collection of palm trees here in front of the station. They had just trimmed the fronds back, quite severely actually, at the beginning of the summer. I was surprised to see how full they look already and lovely against the sky and reaching for the moon.

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