Of Off Ramps and Service Roads

AN INCREDIBLE shot of the I-10 (Santa Monica Freeway) during construction in the early 60s — before the big web was connected.

The 10 cut into long-seated ethnic communities fanning out toward the Pacific, built dividing lines that Angelenos still observe today — even if they believe that they don’t. There is a preception about what lies “south of the 10” — Real Estate tells us so.

Great piece on the KCET blog that addresses L.A.’s connecting the city’s history via the freeway on this “Carmageddon” weekend.

Click here to see the rest of the photographs that say so much more than words can.


4 thoughts on “Of Off Ramps and Service Roads

  1. what a thing of beauty that 10-405 exchange is. people who’ve never driven it just don’t understand. i swear, i’ve had great cinematic daydreams just hitting it at the golden hour…

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