Blue States/Blue Note

I NOTED a couple weeks back a jazz meme circulating via Facebook that was a mash-up of old Blue Note LP cover design with President Barack Obama’s image.

A little digging around I found that much of it had been generating from some of my jazz musician friends who were reposting images on their Facebook timelines — making it their profile or “cover shot” — from another page, Barack Obama Jazz hosted by a designer/art director J.C. Pagán.

Pagán had been playing around with the fonts, design of Blue Note’s design mastermind Reid Miles and matching up found images of the President that in some ways eerily evoked — or rather channeled — the mood of Francis Wolff’s photography.

Reid Miles:


This morning, I noted a post-debate post via Art Info by Larry Blumenfeld exploring the origins of the Facebook page and the site.

He writes:

If these are unlikely to reach the iconic status of Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” poster, they also won’t end up as a contested copyright issue (As Peter Hum noted on his blog at the Ottawa Citizen, Blue Note has posted some of these images on their Facebook page). . . . . Pagán has created 17 images thus far . . . . You can even order T-shirts with these images.

‘This is a celebration of Barack Obama’s love for jazz,” Pagán wrote to me in an email, ‘and, let’s face it, for being as cool as the music itself. It’s my way to support the president in 2012.”

To check out more of Reid Miles’ work, click here.


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