10 thoughts on “Thelonious Monk Live at the It Club in Los Angeles, 1964

      • You don’t know how happy that sentence made me! I have stopped saying the word “record” because, well, you know …. at any rate, vinyl lives. and these are really nice sides! I’m so glad you enjoyed. BTW, do have that Hal Willner compilation “That’s the Way I Feel Now?” It puts together contemporary musicians playing the music of T. Monk?

  1. Yup–I’ve got that Wilner compilation on vinyl as well. In fact, the grooves on that one have gotten pretty worn down over the years. Some great stuff on there by Donald Fagen, Costello–all sorts of people….In truth, I slightly prefer Wilner’s Weird Nightmare –Mingus compilaton (even though I’m forced to listen to it on CD). You must be familiar with that also, no? I like to imagine both Mingus and Monk would’ve been pleasantly surprised with both projects.

    • OK, I need to unearth Weird Nightmare and give it another spin on that recommendation. Of the Willner “tribute” discs I’ve spent the most time with the Monk disc, the Nino Rota, Kurt Weill and actually, I like the Allen Ginsberg one, “The Lion For Real” — but I haven’t pulled any of them out in years. So thanks a lot for the nudge. I will take another listen through for sure.

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