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I TOOK a much-needed writing break yesterday to slink over to Highland Park to the Folk Art Walk along York Boulevard. Nice sized group and edifying peek into a neighborhood that is re-imaginining itself in a different, gentler, way than a lot of L.A. is right now.

It was interesting to think of a neighborhood as a piece itself: something perpetually evolving, shaped and shaded. Highland Park much more slap-dash with much more heart than carefully curated, so the overall feel seems genuinely neighborhood-like with an attention to what sat here before and carrying that spirit forward.

Sponsored by the Craft & Folk Art Museum along the Miracle Mile in Mid-City, the walk was a two hour affair that had a a couple dozen of us wandering in and out of galleries, studios, workshops, book stores a tattoo parlor and cafe. But the day, was really about re-connecting to both a sense of place and whimsy. E.G. The photo of the gas station sign above denoting a gallery — is rather, just the sign, a chain link fence and a sketchbook, to sketch your Highland Park vision and leave it for the world to see.

Thank you, Highland Park.

Nice day except for the VERY expensive parking ticket — its own L.A. Moment….I try to read the signs. I do.


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