Miles Just Called

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the meeting that followed this memorandum …

via NPR


5 thoughts on “Miles Just Called

  1. “He wants it to be called what?”
    “You heard me.”

    “Do we have to have the title on the front cover?”
    “Screw it, it’s Miles. If people are gonna have a problem with the title we’ll just ask them to come up with something better after they’ve listened to it.”

  2. Wow.

    It’s odd how this album is rarely heard anymore. As you know, he caught a lot of flak for selling out at the time. To me, this album and all of his subsequent projects right through ’74 sound fresher than ever these days….He was working with a creative energy and curiousity that seems to have gone missing in so much of the music which is currently being recorded.

    • This was my brother’s favorite Miles Davis LP and so consequently I used to hear it quite a lot. But after posting this, I realized it has been some time since I’ve spent time with it. You’re right. He was always making unexpected connections — then challenging/staring down critique. I miss those journeys. Even the ones that weren’t places I would necessarily want to visit again. It was just the idea that he would push out into some brand new territory but take some essential piece of the tradition with him — always.

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