Abandoned Gas


Koreatown, Los Angeles


Sixth Street Bridge


A FEW months back the city of L.A. announced a contest to re-design the ailing Sixth Street Bridge. The span — a viaduct — connects downtown Los Angeles to Boyle Heights. Constructed in 1932, it is arguably the most famous of the L.A. river bridges. Built by an L.A. civil engineer, Merrill Butler, the bridge in recent years has been diagnosed with various structural maladies and the city has set plans for replacement in motion.

Every time I see it from a distance, I try to hold it in my imagination, as the new bridge, it was decided, will look like this

The view from across the span last week…


Sunday Drive: Fashion District

THE OLD canard about downtown Los Angeles is that the sidewalks roll up at night and on the weekends. That might have been true up until a few years ago before the loft-craze, particularly in the historic core and “up the hill” closer to Bunker Hill (exluding, that is, the always-bustling Broadway). But in the Fashion District — the streets are a rush color and sounds and scents beginning very early in the morning –since the blessing of Sunday is that street parking is free.

Some scenes from Wall Street and along Santee.




where did you get those shoes




fasion detail