Happy Record Store Day

a little Lionel Hampton … (whose birthday, coincidentally, is today as well).

I’m hoping to get out to do a little digging….


5 thoughts on “Happy Record Store Day

  1. Lovely. You may know that at the time of this recording there were no lyrics. Johnny Mercer heard this on his car radio while driving from Las Vegas to L.A.. By the time he arrived he had his extraordinary lyrics, (The clouds were like an alibaster palace, rising to a snowy height). He tracked down the publisher by phone and offered his lyrics, which have been performed by many jazz singers, not least, Sarah Vaughan.

    Bob Fleck

    • Dear Bob — What a great anecdote. I did know that the lyrics came later — but I had absolutely no idea about the backstory. I love that it was on a drive here to Los Angeles via radio-broadcast inspiration. My mother’s favorite interpretation of this was Sarah Vaughn’s — so now I can now hear it in my head.
      Thank you so very much for sharing this and for visiting.
      — Lynell

  2. My father was a Lionel Hampton fan and Benny Goodman fan. And I always liked him. About 20-25 years ago, I was in Disneyland and it was dark, we had seen the parade and fireworks and the kids were worn out from the long day. As we were walking out of the park I heard some fine vibraphone playing. Sounds like LIonel Hampton. It was. He and his band had a gig playing outside the Carnation ice cream plaza in Disneyland. I stopped to listen for a few songs. He was as good as ever, even playing what was not an ideal venue or one worthy of his talents.

    • Oh my! What a story. That would have made the whole thing magical for me. But you’re so right so *not* the spot commensurate with his stature nor talents. Many, many years ago, I had a friend who played drums in the Dixieland Jazz Band in that Carnation gazebo over on Main Street and you can only imagine the stories they collected. My friend was a straight-ahead jazz player so it was an odd gig from the get-go. (Sometimes, out of sheer, screaming boredom they’d mix it up and let it rip)

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