7 thoughts on “Meditation: “I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel To Be Free”

  1. Always sang this song in the classroom and taught it to my students. They also performed it on stage. It’s a fave of mine and I have posted Nina Simone singing it on my blog. “Bumba told me to visit since he knows I like Billy Taylor , the song, music, etc. Thanks so much! OH….I just noticed Bumba’s reply to you above this…funny!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much for visiting! And thank you so much for posting Nina’s version — and sharing the anecdote about your students…I was going back and forth this morning about which one to share so now we have both 🙂
      Thanks for writing and the follow.

    • Hey John. Good to see you. Hope you’re doing well. You know, I posted this but didn’t check out where it might come from. I’m so happy to have these little moments from those long-ago chat shows preserved. A different time in so many ways.

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