Stories vs. Content

IT’S BEEN couple of weeks of intense reporting and observation.

Storytelling happens on so many levels and I have had the luck of working with great visual journalists who are wonderful at interpreting nuance/different layers of the story.

I’m off to speak to a photojournalism class about storytelling — the many prongs of it. I’m focusing particularly on that sort of partnered-up-retro-style journalism which is fading. In preparing my little spiel, I’m realizing that while we have all acclimated to referring to what moves through the news-stream as “content”, at base we are still trying to convey stories. It’s a challenge to frequently rethink and re-imaginine the manner in which we work — but that is the nature of news. But I’m very thankful to have good working partners along the way who help me to think about stories in different ways.


Thank you, Anne, Noe (and un-pictured 🙂 Genaro!)

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