The Big Winds

I WAS asked to write a quick mini-essay over the long weekend related to a Zócolo Public Square event elated to a public conversation that will take place tomorrow night at Grand Park — “Why Do the Santa Anas Blow Our Minds.”

We all have opinions about the winds — some we share, some we keep close. Some are fueled by superstition, others by passed-down family ritual. I was happy to think about the winds but wasn’t at first sure that I might have anything new to say — but then I thought about last year’s evidence. Not just the debris all over my lawn but strewn across the street, enough fallen fronds to create a major street-baracade. Then of course, how could I forget, there were the hurricane-force gusts of the year before that rendered this part of the county a disaster zone. Literally. Yes, I had something to say. How soon we forget. We learn to live among them.

Moderated by David Kippen, writer and founder of the Boyle Heights bookstore/lending library Libros Schmibros, the conversation onstage will include novelist Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander, UCLA meteorologist Robert Fovell, and L.A. County Fire Captain Drew Smith will talk about the spell the winds cast over the region.

For more informationa about Friday evening’s event click here.


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