Remembering Wanda Coleman


A couple more pieces up today at the Los Angeles Times’ site: Deeply nuanced obituary by Elaine Woo. As well a close reading of Coleman’s work, impact and legacy in L.A. letters by L.A. Times Book Critic David L. Ulin. One line of note:

“Coleman invented a new way of thinking about the city: street-level, gritty, engaged with it not as a mythic landscape, but in the most fundamental sense as home.”

And this rolled across my screen a little later … a poetic remembrance by E. Ethelbert Miller here.

Some lines of his that have been winding around today.

I spend the afternoon raking leaves. Tired I take a break – go indoors for some water. I check emails only to discover Wanda Coleman has died. I look out at my yard and watch the wind blowing – too many leaves keep falling. It’s the same with tears.

I’ve been pulling books of the shelves all morning … looking back.


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