Turning the Page


THE LAST edges of 2013. Happy New Year to all from the heart of Los Angeles.


The Round-Up: Collage Style


AS 2013 waltzes to its close, I’ve been going through the accumulation — ticket stubs, programs, over-the-transom galleys, gallery ephemera — reminders of some of the events that caught my eye and ear this year. It was a rich year. I been long out of the habit of making lists and ranking experiences, but this collage of where I’ve been is, in a certain way, a substitution for all of that.

Looking forward to what awaits in 2014.

Happy New Year, All.

Are you a “You Guys” or “Youse” or “Y’all”?

LIKE MANY yesterday, I got sucked in to taking this New York Times interactive quiz which afterward produces a map explaining the origins of your accent/dialect. My results were surprising — as they pointed to my parents origins and not the place I grew up — here in Los Angeles. It makes sense though how speech, word-choice and idiom are deeply influenced by home environment.

You can navigate here to take the quiz. Right now it takes a while for the map to come up due to high-traffic … as I said, I got sucked in — it’s an absorbing journey back home.

My Latest Obsession

Loving @LAScanner…
It’s the city we see slipping by us at 45mph, put briefly on pause.