“things that do not speak to me as they used to”

VERY MOVING read in the L.A. Times today about Eloise Klein Healy who was named Los Angeles’ first poet laureate last year only to suddenly disappear from view. Patt Morrison’s profile brings us up to date on Healy and her whereabouts. She was diagnosed with encephalitis.

Here’s a snip from Patt Morrison’s piece:

Healy is in intense therapy, which involves many things designed to treat the aphasia symptoms of her illness. There are vocabulary flashcards, dancing, listening to music (mostly the Beatles). Household objects are labeled with Post-Its: ‘oven’ and ‘pantry.’ The fact that Healy is left-handed, Rooney explained, somehow accelerates the relearning of speech.”

The striking thing is how swiftly and confidently she still talks. When she can’t think of a word, she drops in a different one. And she breezily makes up words, saying her illness left her “all scrooped up.”

You can read the rest of the story here:

image: Eloise Klein Healy photographed by Francine Orr via L.A. Times


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