Between what is known and what remains enigmatic

MY INTERVIEW with Michael Cunningham is now up here at Goodreads.

He was here in the Southland last night for a reading in Pasadena but I got caught in L.A. traffic. I am *so* sorry to have missed it.


“One of the funny things about having lived enough to have written several novels is that you begin to see certain themes and patterns and fixations that turn up over and over again, of which you were not aware. It’s sort of mysterious to me.”

— Michael Cunningham


2 thoughts on “Between what is known and what remains enigmatic

  1. On another topic: I read your introductory essay for Porgy and Bess last night in the Music Center program. Your gentle remarks on the issues surrounding the original PB and the latest version inspired me to go to the web and read more about the opera/musical’s controversies and evolution. It’s always good to be reminded to question old messages . . . from our history books, Hollywood, even George and Ira.

    • Hi, Erica –
      Thank you so much for your comments. Yes. And it was a tough piece to write w/n the constraints of the expectations of the contract. So much to say … and you’re right, so good to go back and take a deep look at where we’ve been in order to better — more honestly –measure where we are. Thank you so much for reading and for commenting. We will have to trade notes on P&B.

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