Urban Legends


IN WHICH, I consider the appearance of so many “headless” palm trees scattered around the basin. What was once the occasional spotting, now is a much more common feature of our landscape.

Click here to read the piece; it’s part of a series of essays in the new Flaunt/L.A. Review of Books partner-project about those ubiquitous palm trees here in L.A.


3 thoughts on “Urban Legends

    • Thank you. That particular tree haunts me on the East to West drive on the I-10. And yes, the burning city/burning palms always brings to mind Didion and Nathaniel West..July 4th here was surreal, lots of images of burning palm trees that from a distance looked like oversized matchsticks.

  1. referencing my friend Ruben Ellis (professor and former Palm Tree Farmer)

    “My friends who teach photography on the college level tell me that we might as well start referring to all pre-digital photography as produced by “historical processes.”

    I can go with that

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