L.A.’s New Laureate

YESTERDAY, Luis J. Rodgriquez, was named Los Angeles’ second Poet Laureate, following Eloise Klein Healy’s abbreviated tenure. I’ve known Luis, like Eloise, for years wokring in the writers’ trenches, so this is particularly wonderful news.

I’m going to link to a piece from L.A. Weekly which shares a little bit about what Rodriguez plans to do in his tenure as the city’s poet.

Hearty congratulations, Luis!

Below some lines from his poem “Concrete River”:

We sink into the dust,
Baba and me,
Beneath brush of prickly leaves;
Ivy strangling trees–singing
Our last rites of locura.
Homeboys. Worshipping God-fumes
Out of spray cans.

Our backs press up against
A corrugated steel fence
Along the dried banks
Of a concrete river.
Spray-painted outpourings
On walls offer a chaos
Of color for the eyes.

you can read the rest here…

Photo: Kevin Scanlon via L.A. Weekly


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