Christmas Postcard from Los Angeles

SOME TRADITIONS stick;  others evolve and shape-shift.

All of it, in the last few days and hours, has been part of my end-of- the-year reflections;  the  fodder for long walks and talks with old friends and new. Most likely what takes root will become part of some piece of writing — or new vein of exploration — as the last days of 2014 drift away…

Last night driving home very late from a gathering, I just happened to punch in the AM radio band to chance upon the most fancifully ornate reading of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  That was one of our Christmas Eve-musts. Always. So, to have it simply drift up coincidentally and escort me — beginning to end —  from the city boundary into my driveway was a special gift, a sort of warm reassurance. A footbridge from past to present, I suppose.

I’ll be posting sporadically over the holidays but wanted to wish all who visit here the very best as we turn the page.

Thanks for visiting and being part of making the year special.

Hill Street Entrance of the Grand Central Market

Hill Street Entrance of the Grand Central Market


2 thoughts on “Christmas Postcard from Los Angeles

  1. Ours was more of a joke between us. Mom, a notoriously bad cook would bring out 9grocery store) bought danishes served with orange juice. It never worked …but in a way it did – we’re still talking about it.

    Happy Holidays NP. Wishing you the best in 2015

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