HERE ARE a few shots from last night’s talk for LA Pix, Still. Elon Shoenholz and Alan Nakagawa presented their work to a full house. Thanks to everyone who participated along the way. Your support and presence meant a lot. The show is up through the weekend at Document.

(and yes, my coat matches the matcha)


Voice (24)

LangstonHughes_on-stoop-In-Harlem“I am sorry if I am discouraging you with all my would-be good advice. But if you’re like me you’ll do as you want to do anyhow. I always do as I want, preferring to kill myself in my own way rather than die of boredom trying to live according to somebody else’s “good advice.” Besides adventure is two-thrids uncertainty. Had I been sure about Paris, I wouldn’t have been nearly as thrilled as I was when I came here with eight dollars, and wondered how Fortune would let me live. But I’m a ‘nut.’ You needn’t be one. It’s better to stay home.”

— Langston Hughes in a letter to Harold Jackman, May, 1924
from Selected Letters of Langston Hughes