On the Matter of LOCE-Anga-leeze

“There is no other city in the world whose inhabitants so miserably and shamelessly, and with so many varieties of foolishness, miscall the name of the town they live in,” Charles F. Lummis wrote to a friend in 1914. He was still shuddering at the memory of hearing Theodore Roosevelt refer to the city as “Loss-AN-gee-less.” Lummis advocated a pronunciation in which “Los” rhymed with “Dos,” and the A in Angeles was slightly broader than the A in “Arm,” the G was hard and the final “es” rhymed with “Yes.” He spelled it phonetically: LOCE ANG-ELESS”

from L.A. El Pueblo Grande by John D. Weaver, 1973

And finally a clip up on Youtube of Anjelica Houston as “Lily” from The Grifters having her fun with the city’s proper name:

(Los Angeles Pet-Peeves)


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