Ten Years 

 Thinking about New Orleans.  

8/29/05 — Landfall 
Image  My memory walk through the Marigny to the Bywater — 2011 


2 thoughts on “Ten Years 

  1. I write in my personal journal about how I feel about my time spent in New Orleans. Thanks for your op Ed piece “landfall” which made me feel as though the connection we all feel to New Orleans is something so very special. I am not often moved to write and I cannot think of the last time I had the nerve to comment. In this case I was transformed to that wonderful place through your words. Thank you. Eric

    • Thank you so much for this. I am so moved that *you* felt moved to write. I took me a long time to be able to write about this event and what it all brings up so it means a lot to hear that it struck something inside you too. Keep writing and keep holding New Orleans close. Thank you.

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