Safer at Home: No Trick of Light: L.A. Stories

LAST WEEK, I was in the last stretch of finishing up an essay about Los Angeles—what it looks, feels, sounds like and the histories we all on. All this, just as we received the order from the state of California and the city and county of Los Angeles to stay at home. Not a lock down, but to limit our movements around the city due to the novel coronavirus.

On Broadway

During a teleconference with my editor, we sorted out a way to include this new and unprecedented chapter in the story of the city. Last weekend, on the way to do morning groceries, I wound through my old neighborhood to see what an emptied-out L.A. was beginning to look like.

These photos illustrate this.

It was heartening to see how quickly people acted and yet heartbreaking to see the city stilled in such a dramatic way..

You can read my essay up at High County News here.

We can only take this one day at a time …


2 thoughts on “Safer at Home: No Trick of Light: L.A. Stories

  1. I love your essays, which I first encountered in BOOM California. I subscribe to High Country News, so was delighted to see this in their recent issue. I realized that I could become a more active fan since my best friend is a new books buyer at the legendary Moe’s Books in Berkeley. I told her about your forthcoming book on Octavia Butler and she was very enthusiastic – Butler is a big seller, she said. When the publication date arrives, I will be sure to remind her.

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