Rewind: “Where The Blues Were Born…”

KICKING LINE-UP in this little clip from the film, New Orleans (1947)
Among them: Kid Ory, Red Callender— whom I used to see sometimes rolling up for rehearsal with my neighbor from long-ago, John Carter and the smiling Billie Holiday alone warms my Sunday morning.

New Orleans 1947

(note the different spelling of Callender’s name on the poster)


8 thoughts on “Rewind: “Where The Blues Were Born…”

    • Hi, Gary —
      Sure thing. Glad you enjoyed I have *yet* to see this in its entirety, just the clips! (I’m slightly worried.) And yes, thank you, that clip of “Do You What It Means to Miss New Orleans” I can definitely also post. The musical performances are fun and are all stellar and I love just watching these players who shaped the game — so young, having fun. It’s intoxicating. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Yes, I agree, it’s out of sync and it’s really too bad. I was searching around for a better take, but this was the best on line; I’m hoping a better version shows up on line…but yes, Louis Armstrong is just such an incredible presence on so many levels. So happy to have this little artifact (that line: “And excuse my crust”…just seals it).

      • It’s sad that most of the surviving tapes of Louis and most the other Black entertainers are culled from these truly corny movies.
        Louis’ whole personna was a bit sad as well. His greatness shines through nonetheless. Yes, there were some great lyrics and quips in that song.

  1. true…and consequently there are now a couple of generations now of younger people who can’t get beyond those simplistic images to really understand how important he was both in music and beyond (and are often completely unaware of of his political/civil rights involvement) — but his sound alone is such a powerful lure. He was truly an ambassador on many levels.

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